IfA and the National Heritage Protection Plan

Described in November 2012 as ‘the business plan for the historic environment’ by Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries, the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP) seeks to ensure that England’s historic environment

  • is not needlessly at risk of damage, erosion or loss

  • is experienced, understood and enjoyed by local communities
    contributes to sustainable and distinctive places to live and work

  • makes a positive contribution to the national growth agenda

The NHPP forms a framework for heritage protection built around a clear set of priorities that resulted from widespread public consultation. It is hoped that this framework will encourage a wide variety of organisations to develop their own action plans in order to address all or some of these priorities.

To promote better understanding of the way priorities are being addressed and resources allocated, the framework of the Plan is arranged around a series of eight Measures for enhancing protection of the historic environment, together with the supporting actions (such as training and community engagement) necessary to ensure their successful delivery. Four of the Measures involve gathering evidence and four focus on practical responses.

Using this framework, CIfA has presented elements of its strategic plan from the current business plan, setting out the contribution we will make to support the overall Plan objectives in the period up to October 2014. You can download our report on how CIfA work is supporting NHPP below.

CIfA NHPP Action Plan 2012-2014

You can also see how other heritage bodies are contributing at the English Heritage website.

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