Competence matrices

Competence matrix

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Every application for accredited membership is assessed on its own merits and on demonstrated technical competence, using a scoring system and the Competence Matrix. Ethical competence is assessed from references.

We use an adapted competence matrix which has been aligned with the National Occupational Standards in Archaeological Practice (NOS). For a detailed breakdown, please visit the Training Online Resource Centre for Archaeology (TORC) website

Specialist matrices

CIfA has recently introduced a series of specialist competence matrices, which have been compiled by our special interest groups and two external groups and are tailored to specific areas. These are to assist applicants in identifying what information they should supply to the Validation committee to demonstrate competence at the relevant membership grade. Please see below for a full list of pdf versions.

Please note All applications will be assessed against the main competence matrix (P6, Applicant’s Guide) with the specialist matrix used as an advisory document only.


Buildings archaeology

Diggers (fieldwork)




Graphics (illustrators)

Information Management

International heritage

Museum Archaeology

Osteology (BABAO)

Project Management

Information Management SIG has also developed some example supporting evidence information to assist further.

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