Analytical writing skills for archaeological practitioners workshop

A two-day workshop organised by East Anglian Archaeology University of East Anglia, Norwich, 28-29 July 2014.

East Anglian Archaeology, supported by English Heritage and ALGAO East of England, is providing
a professional workshop for archaeological practitioners in the region. Borrowing from courses
taught at graduate level, the workshop will be led by Dr Adam Pain (University of East Anglia and
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and strongly based on relevant case material.

The workshop aims to provide participants with a critical awareness and skills development in the
following aspects of analytical writing

  • the need for good selective description as a starting point in analysis
  • critical steps and approaches to analysis of data
  • development of a good research question to drive analysis
  • distinguishing between evidence and claims and working with sources
  • developing strong introductions and conclusions
  • the importance of revision

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