CIfA and pay

CIfA has a vital role to play in improving and maintaining standards of archaeological work, and in enhancing the status of archaeologists. We believe that inadequate pay and conditions undermines the work we do in these areas and we are keen to ensure that the issue of pay is proactively addressed by the whole sector.

CIfA policy statement on pay in archaeology

  • CIfA believes that the problem of low pay has the potential to critically impact professional standards and is one which the industry must take collective ownership of and accept collective responsibility for solving.

  • CIfA has a legitimate interest in ensuring that archaeological employers are able to recruit, retain, motivate and develop appropriately competent archaeological staff.

  • CIfA believes that remuneration is one of the factors that will assist employers to do so.

  • Other archaeological bodies have equally legitimate interests in improving pay and conditions, and should be encouraged to work with CIfA; some other bodies have more levers at their disposal to effect improvements in pay than CIfA does and should be encouraged and assisted by CIfA to fulfil their responsibilities.