Careers Kit

The Careers kit provides a set of resources to help plan and build a career in archaeology. At the moment these resources relate primarily to working in archaeology in the UK, but we will add information on working in other countries soon.

The Careers kit explains what working in archaeology is like, provides information on jobs, training and continuing professional development (CPD).

Who is the Careers kit for?

  • anyone who wants to take the first steps into a career in archaeology
  • archaeologists wanting to progress their career 
  • those wanting to change careers  
  • those returning to archaeological work after a break 
  • careers advisers, to use in schools, colleges and with those seeking employment
  • teachers wanting to support young people to make informed choices
  • employers and training providers, to inform them about current training and qualifications for the historic environment sector


Find out more

A child's footprint is embedded into ceramic tiles.
Future archaeologists
Not sure what archaeology is and whether its the right fit for you? Archaeology combines transferrable knowledge and practical skills. Discover the wide range of job opportunities that can lead to varied and rewarding careers.
Two hands hold earth and an archaeologist's trowel.
My archaeological career
Do you want to work in archaeology but not sure of what a career might be like? Find out about the range of jobs you can do from the people who actually do them.
Ancient stencilled hand prints surrounded by black and orange dye on a cave wall.
Archaeology is fascinating to many children and young people and is an engaging way to teach STEM/STEAM subjects. Find out what knowledge and skills an archaeological career combines and how you can help to inspire the next generation of archaeologists.
Two hands hold fragments of recently excavation pottery with a zig-zag design.
Careers advisers
The world needs more archaeologists! There is more work and fewer people entering the profession. Explore the routes that young people can take into an archaeological career and access resources to help you explain what choices they could take.
An archaeologist kneels with a compass and clipboard.
Training providers
Whether you are a university department, further education provider, short course convener or practical skills teacher, your aim is to create the best opportunities for your students. Explore CIfA’s Approved Training, CPD and accredited degree programmes.
Hands hold a spirit level and ruler whilst recording an archaeological feature.
Archaeology needs a varied and diverse workforce and employers are key in creating teams with knowledge, skills and different perspectives. Find out how you can get the best out of your current and future staff through training, support and collaboration.