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We offer a wide range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training across all learning levels, held around the UK in person and digitally, and many of these are CIfA Approved. 'CIfA Approved Training & CPD' is our brand name for training and CPD approved by us. It is a quality mark bearing the yellow logo above, which means it has been assessed against a set of learning criteria.

A range of other organisations have CIfA Approved training & CPD, which includes CPD courses, field schools and excavation training, Registered Organisations in-house employee training and Historic England courses. These are listed on our weekly Jobs Information Service and Training (JIST) bulletin, free to CIfA members, alongside up to date job adverts.

CIfA Approved CPD and Training - guide for learners

Types of training and professional development CIfA offer:

CIfA Approved training

External CPD, training or courses (not CIfA Approved)