Membership benefits

There are many similar benefits for being a non-accredited member or professionally accredited with CIfA, these are listed below.

Benefits for accredited professionals (PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA)

  • Being an accredited professional of CIfA gives you a competitive advantage by demonstrating that you adhere to the highest professional standards, by providing opportunities for networking with other professional archaeologists and for developing your career or business. Read our article why should you become accredited if you work for a Registered Organisation? (PDF) and see our Professional archaeologists webpage.
  • Accreditation is increasingly used by employers in recruitment and grading of staff and in determining rates of pay.
  • Advocacy is one of our major roles and through this work we influence policy and decision makers as the authoritative and effective voice for archaeologists. This raises the profile of archaeology and drives recognition of your status to achieve professional parity.
  • You have the opportunity to be at the heart of developing your profession by getting involved and putting yourself forward for election to CIfA Board of Directors or Advisory Council, voting at the AGM or volunteering on a committee.
  • You can use your post nominal (PCIfA, ACIfA or MCIfA) to demonstrate your level of competence and professional accreditation.
  • You can choose to be listed in the digital CIfA Directory of accredited professionals that is widely publicised to clients and others.
  • You can use your post nominal as formal recognition of a professional qualification by the construction sector to apply for a Professionally Qualified Person card with CSCS. Please note this is changing after 30 April, see link for more information.

Benefits for all members

Other discounts and benefits