Archaeology and construction: good practice guidance

In August we announced the launch of the new Archaeology and construction: good practice guidance from the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

CIRIA is the go-to resource that construction professionals use for guidance and CPD, and CIfA was pleased to be selected along with MOLA and Heritage Works to rewrite the Archaeology and construction: good practice guide.

The guide shows how combined construction and archaeological processes can be managed by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team working to common goals, to generate products and outcomes that deliver significant commercial, sustainability and public value. Being part of the project team to rewrite the guide has enabled CIfA to emphasise

  • the value of using Registered Organisations and professionally accredited archaeologists

  • the need to work to professional standards

  • that professional archaeologists are familiar with the construction process, and can align programmes of work

  • how archaeologists, engaged at the outset, and construction professionals can form a unified project team working together to provide a new development, new understanding of the past and social value outcomes

  • the shift from managing archaeological risk to creating opportunities

  • the unique ease with which professional archaeologists can help the construction team meet a wide range of sustainable development goals

Taryn Nixon (Taryn Nixon Heritage Works), one of the authors of the guide alongside, Christina Holloway (MOLA), Kate Geary (CIfA), Peter Hinton (CIfA0, and Gillian King (MOLA) has today released a blog on the CIRIA website about Why the construction and development industry today demands real value from its archaeology

Taryn gave a short introduction to the guide at the Responsible Post Holder meeting in September which can be viewed on our Youtube channel. This also promotes two other new CIfA publications, our 2021 Client Guide and the Professional Practice Paper: Delivering Public Benefit which all promote the message that archaeology should be at the heart of sustainable development and social value.