Archaeology and Planning webinars: Illustrating how & why the system works

CIfA is running two webinars in March to explore how the planning system creates opportunities for archaeology and how archaeology adds value to planning. The webinars will discuss how recent planning reform in England has been impacting the way that this system works and how the archaeology sector is advocating for improvements to future provision.

The workshops draw evidence from 117 case studies collected by CIfA in 2018 that illustrate how and why the system works.

These case studies illustrate four key aspects of the planning system

  • The use of pre-determination assessment and evaluation to assess the significance of heritage assets and the potential impact of development
  • The use of pre-commencement planning conditions to secure programmes of archaeological investigation
  • The impact of the premature discharge of planning conditions by local planning authorities
  • The importance of access to specialist archaeological advice by local planning authorities

The 2 webinars will be aimed at slightly different audiences:

  • The first webinar is aimed at professional archaeologists and others who work in or with the planning system, including local authority advisors, planners, commercial contractors and consultants.
  • The second webinar is aimed at anyone who works, volunteers, or has a general interest in archaeology, with no requisite knowledge of planning policy or archaeology.

Whichever workshop is attended, participants will come away with a clear understanding of the critical elements of policy which support archaeological work in the planning system and a toolkit of evidence to help them understand and advocate for positive changes to the planning system with their MPs or local authorities.

Click the links below to book on either:

  • Webinar 1: 3 March, 12.30 – 14.00experience and/or knowledge of archaeology and planning helpful
    • 12.30: Welcome
    • 12.35: Planning reform & archaeology: Context & current advocacy (Rob Lennox, CIfA)
    • 13.00: Key messages from case studies: (Jan Wills, Case Studies project manager and report joint-author)
    • 13.30: Q&A/Panel discussion with ALGAO, FAME, and CIfA.
  • Webinar 2: 21 March, 12.30 – 14.00no prior experience and/or knowledge of the planning system necessary, but all welcome.
    • 12.30: Welcome
    • 12.35: Championing archaeology in the planning system: How we got to where we are (Rob Lennox, CIfA & Neil Redfern, CBA)
    • 13.00: The evidence for archaeology’s value to planning (Jan Wills, Case Studies project manager and report joint-author)
    • 13.30: Q&A/Panel discussion with CIfA & CBA.