CIfA and UAUK announce degrees from the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Christ Church Canterbury to receive accreditation

The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and University Archaeology UK (UAUK) have announced three further departments offering academic programmes which have been formally accredited as providing skills relevant to a career in the historic environment. These are: University of Bristol - BA Archaeology & Anthropology; University of Cambridge - BA (Honours) in Archaeology; and University of Canterbury Christchurch – pathway through BA Archaeology.  They join the universities already offering accredited programmes, making fifteen in total, and a list can be found here.

Further applications are currently being assessed and newly accredited programmes will be announced in due course.  The next application deadline is 1 June 2022, see here for details.

Students in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland now have the opportunity to choose a degree programme that will support them to develop a career in the historic environment.

The accreditation was developed to provide a career route for the historic environment as well as fostering strong relations between industry and academia.


“Accreditation is an exciting new initiative for students taking archaeology courses at universities and for the profession more widely. It recognises the value of real knowledge of working practices across the sector by students across the UK.”

                                                                               Chair of University Archaeology UK (UAUK), Chris Gerrard


CIfA Chief Executive Peter Hinton said “We are delighted to be able to recognise degrees from the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Canterbury Christ Church as CIfA/UAUK-accredited programmes. Accreditation of degree programmes by CIfA and UAUK provides an invaluable way for students to identify those courses which should provide them with the skills that the profession and employers value and can help universities recruit good numbers in these difficult times”.


“We are delighted to achieve CIfA accreditation for our BA Archaeology and Anthropology. Accreditation confirms quality of the professional training and skills we provide our students that enables them to successfully obtain competitive discipline-related jobs directly upon graduation”

                                                                Department of anthropology and archaeology, University of Bristol


"The Department of Archaeology is delighted to have received accreditation for its undergraduate single honours Archaeology course from the Charted Institute for Archaeologists. This recognises the strength and breadth of the practical and developmental teaching across all papers of the new Archaeology Degree at Cambridge."

                                                                                         Department of archaeology, University of Cambridge


“Our programme team are delighted to have received accreditation. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with CIfA and seeing our students continue to develop their academic and professional skills’” 

                                                                                            Archaeology, Canterbury Christ Church University