COVID-19 planning system changes and their impact on the historic environment

Collaborative working across professions is important for success in the development process. With this in mind, CIfA and RTPI recently held a two-part online webinar that looked at the Government’s proposed COVID-19 planning system changes in the context of any impact on heritage assets and the wider historic environment. This paper summarises the presentations made by the webinar panellists, the discussions during the webinars and questions from attendees. The panellists’ conclusions and recommendations are summarised as a 10-point plan, on page 7.

Please note:

1. This paper contains the personal views of the panellists in their professional


2. Since the webinars the Government has issued further consultations and statements

about deregulation of the planning system in England. The issues discussed at the

webinars and the panellists conclusions and recommendations outlined in this paper

are relevant for consideration regarding these proposals.

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