Government is now fully funding apprenticeships for young people in small firms

The government will now fully fund apprenticeship costs for those under the age of 21 who are employed at small firms. The Prime Minister also announced a change to how levy-paying companies can pass on more of their leftover levy funds to other employers. For more information on these funding changes:

More and more employers in the historic environment sector are feeling the benefits of employing apprentices, starting with recruitment. An apprentice position will often attract high-calibre candidates who don’t want to pursue the university option, giving employers a greater choice in the pool of talent. There’s also the systematic training and learning. Apprentices follow a rigorous training programme that has been designed by employers currently working in the heritage sector; they’ve set out clear standards which stipulate what a competent person in their field must be able to do, what they must know and understand and how they should behave. This means that you get a fully skilled, competent person at the end of the programme, with the right behavioural skills, who can really contribute to your workforce.

In addition, you’re supported by a professional training organisation, right from the start. All apprentices spend 20% of their time in formal, off-the-job training which is designed and delivered by the training provider, based on the competence standards.

Kathy Pilkington, of Albion Archaeology says:
‘Taking on an apprentice had a positive effect on our whole organisation. It provided an opportunity to review and improve the training we had in place at all levels. All staff were really pleased to have the chance to pass on their hard-earned knowledge, the field staff in particular took him under their collective wing. We were all absolutely thrilled when he passed his apprenticeship with distinction and decided to stay on with us permanently – so at the end of the experience we gained a very effective member of the team. Seeing one’s role through the eyes of someone so fresh to the profession also reminded us, that what we do is pretty great!’

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