Heritage Counts 2021

This report continues the work published in 2019 "Carbon in the Built Historic Environment": "This year’s Heritage Counts report aims to support and empower the people who look after our historic buildings. It shows the value of good custodianship, the power of small behaviour changes and the need to recycle and reuse our buildings first to reduce carbon emissions

“Greening” historic homes could save up to 84% in carbon emissions

  • Report shows carefully retrofitting our historic homes could reduce carbon emissions by up to 84% in a detached Victorian home, 62% in a Georgian terrace home, 58% in a 1900s terrace, 56% in a Victorian semi-detached and 54% in a Victorian terrace
  • New research shows modelled regional weather patterns have direct impact on homes’ carbon emissions, with a building in North West England generating 14% more emissions than an identical building in the South East
  • Report demonstrates impact of various options for historic homeowners to carefully reduce carbon emissions, from small behaviour changes to adding insulation and draught proofing
  • Report published by Historic England on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum

Read the full report here