Historic Environment Advice Assistant apprenticeship now recruiting!

This Level 4 apprenticeship developed by the Historic Environment Trailblazer Group of employers and training providers in England is currently recruiting its second cohort. The training programme, designed by Strode College in partnership with Historic England, provides entry level training  in the skills needed for a career in historic environment advice, specifically providing technical, research and logistical support

to Historic Environment professionals working with heritage assets in the planning and development process, and on the legal and policy frameworks for their protection. It is aimed at employers throughout the historic environment sector including local authorities and national parks as well as multi-disciplinary and heritage consultancies. The apprenticeship is particularly aimed at widening access to careers in the historic environment to a non-graduate audience.  On completion, apprentices will be eligible for professional accreditation by CIfA, IHBC and CIOB (at Practitioner, Affiliate and Registered levels, respectively). For more information, click here.

Entry level Archaeological Technician apprenticeship – employers wanted

Cirencester College are looking for employers across England who are interested in recruiting apprentice Archaeological Technicians to work with them on a training delivery model, for apprentice starts in September 2021. Further information and contact details can be found here.

Apprenticeship standards also exist (in England) for a Masters level archaeological specialist apprenticeship (Level 7 Archaeological Specialist) and a Masters level historic environment advice apprenticeship (Level 7 Historic Environment Advisor). If you are interested in recruiting apprentices on any of these standards, please contact Anna.Welch@archaeologists.net. CIfA is also leading on the development of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.