Innovation festival – call for sessions

Our next digital innovation festival will be held on 10–14 October 2022, and will provide the opportunity to showcase and celebrate the innovative practices and approaches being undertaken across the historic environment sector, whilst tabling for wider discussion some of the identified barriers and challenges to implementing innovation in archaeological research.

Our week-long virtual festival will comprise a mix of short sessions each day including presentations, workshops, virtual experiences, opportunities for open discussion, poster galleries, CPD and knowledge transfer. 

Areas we're hoping to explore at the innovation festival include:

  • academic research
  • public benefit
  • working practices
  • innovative approaches
  • innovation by design

Are you interested in running a session, presenting a poster, taking part in a webinar or forming part of a discussion panel? Email – we'd love to hear from you!

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 30 June, 2022.