Planning Case Study 26

St Mary’s Works, Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire.


Planning scenario(s)

2 - Pre-determination assessment/evaluation led to the refusal of planning permission - Pre-determination assessment/evaluation results led to refusal of planning permission on archaeological grounds.

Heritage assets affected

Non-designated heritage assets with archaeological and historic interest

Type of application & broad category

Major, residential

Local planning authority

Authority: North Lincolnshire Council
References: PA/2005/1898

Development proposal

108 dwellings

Archaeological information known about the site before the planning application was made, or before the development commenced, as appropriate

The site is within the proto-urban core of Barton-upon-Humber which has been the subject of a major English Heritage research project on St Peter’s Church. The archaeological remains therefore have an important contribution to make to the heritage of Barton and are of regional significance for northern Lincolnshire.

Archaeological/planning processes

Limited pre-determination trial trenching in 2006 (less than 1% partly due to extant buildings) revealed medieval and earlier remains along medieval street frontage. However, the trenches placed around the periphery of the site uncovered well-preserved remains of Saxon and Medieval date, with indications that the areas which were not evaluated are also likely to contain similar significant evidence.

The application remained undetermined until 2012 during which time the buildings on site were demolished but no further evaluation was undertaken. Permission for the development was then refused by the LPA, and the reasons included incomplete archaeological assessment. The subsequent appeal was dismissed and the Inspector upheld the archaeological reason, namely that the extent of the archaeological evaluation was inadequate to agree an appropriate mitigation strategy (Appeal Ref: APP/Y2003/A/12/2179203).

The site came forward again in 2016 and more trial trenching was recommended in response to the above appeal decision, but has yet to be undertaken.

Outcomes: archaeological

An appeal for refusal on archaeological grounds was successfully dismissed.

References and links/bibliography

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