Mapping the sector


Funded by Historic England and jointly run by CIfA and ALGAO, this project will map the archaeology sector, to better understanding its structure and needs in relation to the provision of specialist advice. It will identify further opportunities for alignment of ALGAO and CIfA’s work, supporting both organisations to be more efficient, effective and resilient in the future.  

The 21st century Challenges for Archaeology series of workshops in 2017 included workshops on potential future roles for local authority archaeology services and on Standards and guidance, identifying challenges around the (potentially confusing) range of professional Standards, advice and guidance and around a lack of clear definition on ‘who does what’.  Proposed actions included reviewing current advocacy priorities in respect of local authorities and agreeing a joint plan of action, producing clear and concise guidance on ‘who does what’ and what is delivered covering legislation, policy and service delivery, defining ‘who does what’ in relation to standards and guidance, both producing and enforcing. This project responds directly to those recommendations and also to internal conversations between ALGAO and CIfA.