Re-imagining Scottish Archaeology: structure, funding, and delivery workshop series and report


CIfA received a grant from Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to organise three workshops on behalf of the Scottish Archaeology Strategy Committee (SSAC). These took place in November and December 2019 in Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The aim of workshops was to generate new ideas about the structure, funding and delivery of archaeology in Scotland to support the 'Delivering Archaeology' aim of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy. The topics of discussion focused on these themes and were supported by case study presentations. A series of written think pieces were also produced  ahead of the workshops to stimulate discussion and these were followed by a two lunchtime Twitter chats using #RenewArch. These early discussions helped to frame the workshop agendas. Please see below for links to these articles and discussions.

The final report and proposed recommendations, in addition to the press release, background information and an appendices of supporting documentation is available below..


Think pieces

Three think pieces have been produced on the above themes by Kenny Brophy (University of Glasgow), Kirsty Dingwall (Headland Archaeology) and Alan Leslie:

Structure: Delivering Archaeology – “Structure”
Alan Leslie

Funding: Does competitive tendering work?
Kirsty Dingwall, Headland Archaeology

Delivery: Putting public benefit at the heart of what we do
Kenny Brophy, University of Glasgow


Twitter chat

Two lunchtime Twitter chats took place in November 2019 hosted by CIfA @InstituteArch ( using the hashtag #RenewArch  - you can search and look at the discussions and also add to them using the hashtag.


Final summary report

Re-imagining Scottish Archaeology: structure, funding, and delivery - published August 2020

Press release to accompany the report


Appendix 1 Workshop content summary report - a report outlining the workshop content and the discussion themes

Appendix 2 Workshop agendas - the meeting agendas and speaker details for Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Appendix 3 Twitter chat summary - extracts from the two Twitter chats (#RenewArch) as part of a workshop presentation given by Cara Jones (CIfA)

Appendix 4 Summary feedback - summarised facilitator notes from each of the three workshops