Kickstarter and Traineeships


The government’s Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers of all sizes to help them create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds who are claiming Universal Credit.  It is particularly aimed at those who are at risk of long term unemployment. Employers can apply for funding to cover:

The jobs can start up until 31 December 2021 and further funding is available for training and support to help young people on the scheme get a job in the future.

Whether you are interested in joining a Kickstart programme or offering one as an employer you can get more information on the government website

Kickstart opportunities are advertised through job centres and only available to those claiming universal credit.  If you’re interested to know if there are any in your area ask your work coach.

If you’d like to know more about Kickstart opportunities in England see the Historic England website

If you’d like to know more about finding or creating Kickstart opportunities in Scotland see the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations website

Kickstart opportunities in Wales

JobStart opportunities in Northern Ireland



Traineeships work differently across the UK. The government’s Plan for Jobs included the aim of tripling the number of traineeships available in England. A traineeship is a skills development programme that includes a work placement and is aimed at moving young people towards an apprenticeship or a job. It can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year, though most traineeships last for less than 6 months.  As well as increasing the number of traineeships for 16-18 year olds providers can access funding to offer traineeships to 19 to 24 year o=olds.  There is more information about traineeships on the government website

Traineeships in England

Traineeships in Scotland

Traineeships in Wales

Traineeships in Northern Ireland

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