What is in the Toolkit?

This Toolkit contains:

  • Current standards and guidance
    • A list of current standards and/or guidance resources for general or specific types of finds work.
  • Checklist for specialist reporting
    This includes:

    • Checklist structure
      A description of the different sections that a specialist report can contain, as reflected in the structure of the checklist, intended to help users ensure that a finds report is as comprehensive as is appropriate.

    • Using the advisory checklist
      An introduction to three advisory approaches to finds reporting – Description, Appraisal and Full analysis – which relate to the significance of an assemblage or the scope of a project.

    • Advisory checklist
      This is a version of the checklist that scales the reporting criteria in relation to the three advisory reporting levels. It can be used to plan, commission and monitor finds reports. This is only a guide and any of the checklist criteria can be included as required, according to the objectives of individual projects, or the requirements of different finds specialists. The advisory checklist is also available as a download.

    • Standard specialist reporting checklist
      This is available as a download.
      Depending on the circumstances of use, individuals can indicate which criteria they need to include, expect to see in a commissioned report or confirm satisfactory inclusion in a submitted report. The checklist can be used in a flexible manner to ensure specific project requirements are met when planning, commissioning or monitoring reports.
      The checklist can be used by finds specialists as an aide memoire. It can also be used to assess a report, particularly by anyone who monitors projects or commissions specialist reports.

  • Downloads
    Downloadable versions of toolkit elements can be found on the Downloads page.

  • Useful contacts and resources
    A list of interest groups and related standards and guidance for specialist analysis.