Antony Francis MCIfA (9421)

Applying as a Project Officer
Antony Francis - MCIfA (9421)

I am a Project Officer at MOLA, responsible for running sites and writing them up. I am also the Prospect union Chair for the national Archaeologists Branch and for MOLA. CSCS card changes meant I had to join our industry’s professional body to continue working on construction sites. Fortunately for me, MOLA is an enlightened employer that pays 100 per cent of CIfA joining fees and subscriptions (I think more should do so). To join, I compiled a list of my reports and publications, offered five examples of my work and persuaded three referees to vouch for my competence. I was appointed MCIfA in October, which has the added bonus that I can now join Diggers’ Forum for free.

Our industry is changing and so is CIfA. The influx of those who are more at the sharp end of archaeological work will shift the centre of gravity of our professional body, and that is no bad thing. CIfA has been best for our industry when ordinary archaeologists have made their voices heard and I am glad to be part of that.