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This page provides information about our applications process for:

  • new or upgrade professional accreditation (PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA)
  • student or affiliate non-accreditated 
  • rejoining CIfA and NVQ fast-track to PCIfA

For answers to common questions about the process of applying for CIfA accreditation, see our join CIfA FAQs. We also have a video to watch on the individual guidance pages. If you have any specific queries please contact and we will be happy to help.

CIfA is committed to promoting equality and diversity for all its members and seeks to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please see our equal opportunities policy (PDF). While our online application is designed to improve accessibility, other formats are available on request. If you have any issues accessing information on our website, or if you have comments and observations to make our application process more accessible, please contact us at

New or upgrade accreditation applications

Please ensure that you have read the guidance on the relevant accreditation page before you begin your application. 

You need to provide two appropriate referees, a Statement of competence (Word template available using links above) and any additional supporting evidence. Application deadline dates are available below.

New accreditation

New accreditation -
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Please note you cannot save and return to the form later.

Upgrade accreditation

Upgrade accreditation -
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Applicants from Germany should see the Deutschland Group webpage for more details before applying.

The current annual subscription fees can be found on the subscriptions page of our website. The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year.

Deadline dates for applications

Please refer to the following deadlines for accredited applications, these are to allow time to request and receive references and any additional information requested.

  • Associate (ACIfA) and Member (MCIfA) applications
    • 15 November 2021 for 7 December meeting
    • 31 January 2022 for 22 February meeting
    • 04 April 2022 for 10 May meeting
  • Practitioner (PCIfA) applications
    These will be assessed regularly at the end of each month and when both references are received, so you can apply at any time. If you are applying to gain a PQP CSCS card, please allow up to eight weeks for your application to be reviewed. 

We will email you confirmation that we have received your application. Once we have received two references, your application will be reviewed at the next committee meeting. We will email you with the committees decision as soon as possible after that.

Student or Affiliate non-accredited applications

Plase ensure that you read the information on non-accredited student and affiliate grades and subscriptions before applying.

Student membership

Student member
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Affiliate membership

Affiliate member
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To apply from Germany please see the Deutschland Group page.

Rejoining CIfA applications

If you have previously been accredited (PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA) but your subscription has expired you can re-apply to the same grade, provided we can ensure that your skills and knowledge still demonstrate the criteria of the grade you left at. We reserve the right to request further information or require a full application.

If you were previously a Student (and still are) or Affiliate, please complete a new online application using the buttons above. If you were previously a self-validated member before 1986, you will need to apply in full as a new member.

There is no application fee to rejoin, but once successful you will be asked to pay the subscription fee. If you would like to reapply at a different grade you can either rejoin first and then upgrade (upgrade fee applies), or apply as a new applicant (new application fee applies), please see details on the relevant accreditation page above.

Please download and complete the Re-joiners application form (Word .doc) below and provide the following documentation:

  • An up to date CV - this should include details about your current role and responsibilities so we can ensure you still meet the criteria of the grade you expired at. See our CV guidance (PDF) for useful tips.
  • Any new qualification certificates
  • A CPD log and PDP from the last two years and a list of publications or other work (ACIfA and MCIfA applications only)

Rejoining application

Rejoin CIfA -
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NVQ fast-track to PCIfA applications

The NVQ in Archaeological Practice is a level three qualification that demonstrates on-the-job learning and competence following the National Occupational Standards (NOS). This specific qualification acts as a ‘fast-track’ to our Practitioner (PCIfA) professionally accredited grade.

If you have undertaken this qualification with us or another provider, please send in a copy of your certificate and the NVQ fast track application form (Word .doc) below to and we will arrange payment of the application fee with you.

NVQ fast-track application

NVQ fast-track -
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