Daisy Brunt PCIfA (12605)

Applying for PCIfA

Having recently completed my CIfA accredited degree in archaeology at the University of Durham, I decided to complete my application with CIfA to become a Practitioner. During my gap year and during university holidays I gained experience working as both an archaeological geophysicist and field archaeologist. This experience was incredibly helpful to both my degree and applying for CIfA; reaching out to organisations for work experience even when you’re not highly qualified is something I would definitely encourage students, recent graduates or even those who just have an active interest in archaeology to do. It became invaluable to me during my degrees studies when trying to picture how excavations were undertaken, something which I think many undergraduates initially struggle with. 

I decided to join CIfA to expand my current knowledge of professional archaeology and it has allowed me, via the application process, to really reflect on my experience working in the industry and what I have achieved. At first, I found the application process slightly daunting, but the membership team is incredibly helpful throughout, encouraging you to add elements they think may improve your application. I’m looking forward to engaging with the CIfA community throughout my membership and increasing my knowledge of professional practice as it evolves and changes.