Jack Powell PCIfA (8022)

Applying as an Aerial Imagery Analyst
Jack Powell - PCIfA (8022)

Jack graduated from Bournemouth University in 2016 after completing a BSc in Archaeology and has been a student member of CIfA since 2014. Jack developed a keen interest in aerial photography and remote sensing during his degree and whilst undertaking a placement with the New Forest National Park Authority.

In January 2017, Jack joined the team at Air Photo Services (APS) as an Aerial Imagery Analyst. He is responsible for analysis of air photos and LiDAR data for heritage assets, GIS mapping, and assisting with training. Jack works as part of a proactive team and gets to analyse fascinating multi-period sites from across the country.

Jack was encouraged to upgrade to the professionally accredited grade of PCIfA by members of the team at APS and was further motivated to upgrade after learning more about accreditation at the CIfA early careers event at the 2017 CIfA conference. The upgrade from student to PCIfA demonstrates the progress in his career and has helped to highlight and set goals for his professional development for the future.

Jack is looking forward improving his skills as well as continuing to learn more about aerial archaeology.