Mark James MCIfA (6293)

Applying as a Marine Archaeologist
Mark James - MCIfA (6293)

Mark is the Technical Director of MSDS Marine, a specialist marine archaeological contractor based in Derbyshire. MSDS Marine undertake a wide range of archaeological works, from input into large-scale offshore developments to underwater archaeological excavations.

Mark’s interests lie with geophysical survey and data interpretation and the management of archaeological diving projects. Mark is the UK project manager for the Rooswijk excavation on behalf of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and Historic England, and MSDS Marine are the retained archaeologists for several significant offshore windfarms.

With MSDS Marine going from strength to strength and Mark having worked consistently at a senior level for several years, his upgrade from ACIfA to MCIfA is long overdue. MSDS Marine recently gained ISO 9001 and 45001 accreditations and it was a perfect time to ensure all staff CIfA accreditations at MSDS Marine were updated to reflect the level at which they work and the high standards they aim to achieve.