Peter Spencer MCIfA (6388)

Applying as a Project Officer
Peter Spencer - MCIfA (6388)

Peter’s recent work has focused upon the documentation of heritage assets in Southern Iraq with the University of Manchester and as a Project Officer for Headland Archaeology in the UK. During his career in archaeology he has maintained a strong emphasis on the vital role that fieldwork continues to play within modern archaeology while exploring the application and benefits of new technologies. His work comprises the development and resourcing of archaeological projects, ranging from initial advice and assessment to field investigation, post-excavation analysis, and publication.

Peter joined CIfA in 2008 and the organisation has always played an integral role in his career. The Standards and guidance have provided a clear baseline for the development of one of the world’s leading heritage industries, while the work of Special Interest Groups, such as the Digger’s Forum, have ensured the practical concerns of field staff have remained a central focus of debate and development. Professional accreditation means ensuring that the experience and skills of archaeologists are recognised both within the profession and wider private and public sectors, while the implementation of pay minima and in-house training schemes for Registered Organisations have begun to address staff concerns regarding professional development.

For Peter, attainment of MCIfA has raised his professional competency while providing an objective viewpoint, giving him the skills and confidence to approach new challenges and opportunities as they arise.