Industry Working Group

History & purpose

The Industry Working Group was originally set up to provide a mechanism for greater industry involvement in discussions about pay and minimum salary recommendations.  It has since evolved to become a forum for wider discussion, with a remit to collect and share information about matters affecting the industry. Originally consisting of CIfA, FAME and Prospect it also now includes representatives from BAJR and CIfA Diggers’ Forum. The group provides an opportunity for these key organisations to identify issues and coordinate the steps they can take to effect change.

Working together the group can confront difficult issues, some of which are structural.  There is also a need to identify and articulate what actions each organisation can take and those which, for reasons of constitution, remit or resource, they can’t. Some actions can affect the sector in the short term whilst other areas of interest may be more long term and aspirational.

More recently joint working on Brexit and immigration has helped influence recommendations to include archaeology in the Shortage Occupation List. 



Joint statements have been issued by the group on the following subjects

Low pay in archaeology

Pay for apprentices

Covid working practices

Bullying and harassment 

Brexit's impacts on skills and migration in archaeology


What are we talking about at the moment?

Pay and minimum salary recommendations

Welfare and working conditions

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Construction site access for archaeologists


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