Assessment for CIfA Approved Training & CPD


Archaeologists and other historic environment professionals choose CIfA Approved Training & CPD because it meets a set of criteria that ensures it is a high-quality learning opportunity. CIfA Approved Training & CPD is our training and CPD quality mark.

A wide range of free and paid for, face-to-face and online CPD courses, or similar learning opportunities, can be approved.

Once approved, you can use the CIfA Approved Training & CPD logo on relevant marketing material and your learning opportunity will be listed in the Jobs Information and Training bulletin (JIST).

The approval process

  • Contact anna.welch [at] for an informal discussion
  • Submit written evidence to support your application to become CIfA Approved Training & CPD
  • Await assessment against a set of criteria
  • Receive approval of your learning opportunity or feedback to resubmit your application

Once approved a CPD learning opportunity can be run as many times as you like as long as there are no major changes, although any CIfA Approved Training & CPD learning opportunity may be randomly selected for reassessment at any time.

Assessment criteria for CPD courses and similar learning opportunities
For a training or CPD course, event or learning opportunity to become CIfA Approved Training & CPD the following criteria must be met.

  • Appropriate and achievable learning outcomes
  • Learning outcomes set out in terms of National Occupational Standards (NOS)
  • Certification fro the purposes of CPD, with reference to the CIfA CPD requirement
  • Learning outcomes are monitored
  • Appropriate competence in trainers
  • Appropriate delegate numbers and/or tutor-delegate ratios
  • Attention to the specific learning needs of delegates and the ability to adapt if necessary
  • Provision for on-going evaluation of the course and a process for modification in the light of delegate feedback

Fees for external providers
£150 for a single course and £100 for each additional course

Fees for CIfA Registered Organisations
£100 for a single course and £75 for each additional course

Find out more about the assessment process and criteria (Pdf)