Diggers' Forum newsletter

The Forum Dispatch is our quarterly newsletter and provides members with news of what the DF is doing within the IfA, as well as informative and relevant articles and news on a wide variety of topics. With such a geographically disparate membership the newsletter is our main way of communicating within the Forum, keeping membership informed and up to date with the issues that affect them, as well as hopefully being an interesting read!

The Forum Dispatch is distributed free to all members and Registered Organisations in pdf format by email, a limited number of paper copies are printed and sent to selected employers for display on notice-boards. We encourage members to circulate the newsletter as widely as possible. Past issues of the Forum Dispatch and other articles are all archived on this page and are accessible to all.

We would welcome members’ input into the Dispatch, whether that is suggesting or contributing articles or comment, sending us dates for the diary, photographs or news, by giving feedback or by ensuring the wider distribution of the newsletter amongst colleagues.

You can contact the editor at diggersforum@gmail.com, if you have any news or dates of relevant courses, events or exhibitions then please email the diary editor via the same address.