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5th August 2021

CIfA accreditation (Practitioner, Associate and Member grades) is how archaeologists demonstrate to their clients, their employers, peers and the...

4th August 2021

In 2018, The world after PPG16: 21st-century challenges for archaeology project made a series of recommend

30th July 2021

Thank you to everyone who responded to the member survey. This survey is released every other year and the results help CIfA to steer our actions...

23rd July 2021

CIfA believes that collaboration between different professionals is critical to increasing knowledge and understanding, in order to maximise value...

21st July 2021

In TA 106 we explored the legal, moral and ethical obligations that apply to CIfA-accredited professionals.

21st July 2021

CIfA and others campaigned to overturn a proposal to cut the Strategic Priorities Grant to Archaeology courses in English Universities...

20th July 2021

There is still time to apply! But the deadline — 23 July — is approaching.

15th July 2021

CIfA is saddened by the decision of the Sheffield University Council to uphold the closure of the Archaeology Department, which was taken earlier...