CIfA Governance: Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council has up to 40 members, 20 of which are elected by the membership and up to 20 filled by representatives from each individual special interest or area group.

Advisory Council represents the interests of the membership and offers advice to the Board of Directors on policy, strategy and potentially controversial decisions.

Elected positions are for a three-year period with the option of standing for a further three-year term. Nominated representatives from Groups are for a one-year period. The Advisory Council usually meets six times a year, digitally for two hours and can have special meetings for specific topics, and will invite members of the Board of Directors to attend. Meeting minutes are available on the members section of the website.

To get in touch with any of our Advisory Council members please email and we will forward this on for you.

Current Advisory Council members

  • Elected representatives
    • Mark Bell MCIfA
    • Dickie Bennett MCIfA
    • Sarahjayne Clements ACIfA
    • Mike D'Aprix ACIfA, Chair
    • Rebecca Dolan PCIfA
    • Laura Evis ACIfA
    • Gregg Griffin ACIfA, Vice-chair
    • Christina Hills ACIfA
    • Richard Hughes MCIfA
    • Elspeth Iliff PCIfA
    • Stephen McLeod ACIfA
    • Liam McQuillan MCIfA
    • Elizabeth Murray MCIfA
    • Stuart Palmer MCIfA
    • Paul Riccoboni MCIfA
    • Mark Stevenson MCIfA
    • Gemma Ward PCIfA
    • Vacant elected positions available
  • Group representatives
    • Jonathan Berry MCIfA (Wales/Cymru and temp Heritage Crime)
    • Lindsey Buster PCIfA (Scottish Group)
    • Alice Hobson MCIfA (International Practice)
    • Kat Hopwood-Lewis MCIfA (Landscape)
    • TBC (Human Osteoarchaeology)
    • Martyn Cooper MCIfA (Diggers' Forum)
    • TBC (Early Careers)
    • TBC (Information Management)
    • Laura Evis ACIfA pending (Forensic)
    • Emily Johnson MCIfA (Finds)
    • Sam Paul MCIfA (Archives)
    • John Halsted MCIfA (Research and Impact)
    • Sarah Hannon-Bland ACIfA (Project Management)
    • Stephanie Said MCIfA (Marine)
    • Jeremy Lake MCIfA (Buildings)
    • Jessica Lowther ACIfA (Community)
    • Jonski Miller MCIfA  (Graphics Archaeology)
    • Richard Morkill PCIfA (London)
    • Michaela Schauer ACIfA (Deutschland)