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29th November 2023
Launching Tuesday 5 December 2023
28th November 2023

The Archaeological Achievement Awards have been announced, with CIfA members and ROs amongst the winners.

22nd November 2023

Congratulations to the CIfA members and ROs tshortlisted for the prestigious Archaeological Achievement Awards 2023.

6th November 2023

Last year the Discovery Programme, Centre for Archaeology & Innovation Ireland, conducted a survey about Strategic Archaeological Research...

17th October 2023

In 2022 CIfA carried out an internal assessment of the relevant areas of CIfA work against the Royal Academy of Engineering and Science Council’s...

16th October 2023

Shape the Future of CIfA with Your Voice!

16th October 2023

In 2022, with funding support from Historic England, CIfA commissioned Cultural Associates Oxford to undertake qualitative research to explore...